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Yacht Orders

Take Me Away Swimwear is custom designed for yacht wear whether it be for guests as a memento to remember their wonderful time on board, or it can be worn as a crew uniform. 

All Take Me Away Swimwear can be customized with the boat logo, charm or name of the yacht. This personalized touch comes as an additional extra with an added cost.

Crew uniforms can be designed as a full coverage swimsuit making it the perfect option for when a guest may ask the crew to jump off the boat with them for a swim or to play on the water toys with children. Take Me Away Swimwear keeps your crew looking professional and uniform at all times.

Special discounts are offered for large orders.

Save 10% on orders between 10-20 pieces.

Save 20% on orders between 20-30 pieces.

Save 30% on orders over 30 pieces.


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